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Wall Street Journal editorial board member Kimberley Strassel argues that the media is so focused on possible obstruction of justice charges against President Trump that they are missing the most obvious obstruction: "the coordinated effort to thwart congressional probes of the role law enforcement played in the 2016 election."

On "Fox & Friends," Strassel said the FBI and the Justice Department need to comply with every congressional investigation and demand, so the public can finally know what happened during the election.

She pointed out that FBI Director Christopher Wray refused to hand over classified documents to the House Judiciary Committee, despite the fact that the committee has primary oversight authority over the Justice Department, the FBI and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

"They've continued to stonewall Congress for months now," Strassel said.

"There appears to be an enormous effort by the Justice Department and FBI to not come clean about their actions in 2016," she added.

In an exclusive, Fox News' James Rosen reports that demoted Justice Department official Bruce Ohr and his wife had connections to Fusion GPS, the firm that hired Christopher Steele to compile the infamous Trump-Russia dossier.

Strassel noted that a key member of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team, Peter Strzok, was removed from the Russia investigation over anti-Trump text messages he sent, while nine of 15 members of Mueller's team appear to be Democratic donors.

"There does seem to be a real bias here," Strassel said. "And the only way that the American public is going to trust what Mueller's team is doing is correct and right is for us to understand what happened and all those biases. And that means the Justice Department, under order from the White House, has got to start handing over information."

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