Kirsten Gillibrand Blasts Back at Trump on Twitter: 'You Cannot Silence Me'

Marie Harf: Trump's Tweet of 'Sexual Innuendo' Toward Gillibrand Must Be Condemned

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders sparred with the media Tuesday over President Trump's tweets critical of New York's junior senator.

On Monday, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) called for Trump to resign and for Congress to investigate sexual harassment claims made against him.

Trump responded on Twitter early Tuesday, calling Gillibrand a "lightweight" and saying she would "do anything" for campaign contributions from the then-business mogul.

American Urban Radio Networks' April Ryan asked Sanders if Trump should apologize for the language in his tweet, which she said implied sexism against Gillibrand.

"Only if your mind is in the gutter would you have read it that way," Sanders replied.

She fielded several other questions on the matter, saying that Trump was instead talking about "political games" that politicians play with rich magnates like Trump.

Sanders said Gillibrand was just another member of the "broken [political] system" who would cozy up to wealthy donors during election season.

In return, the businessmen would expect the subsequently-elected legislators to wait on their needs and wants over the concerns of the less-wealthy constituents.

"Sometimes they carry your water," Sanders said, adding that Gillibrand has proved to be a "wholly-owned subsidiary" of her donors, rather than the working-class people of New York State.

Sanders called Gillibrand a "puppet for Chuck Schumer" - the Empire State's senior senator and Democrats' senate leader.

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