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Greg Gutfeld reacted to the response given Monday afternoon by the family of the New York City terror attack suspect after he was apprehended and hospitalized.

On Monday, Akayed Ullah of Flatlands, Brooklyn allegedly attempted to set off an improvised explosive device in a pedestrian tunnel under New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal.

He instead received serious burns and was sent to Bellevue Hospital after being arrested by the Port Authority Police Department.

"I don't know the Muslim word for chutzpah, but the family of [the] New York bomber is full of it," Gutfeld said.

Albert Fox Cahn, a spokesman for the Council on American Islamic Relations' (CAIR) New York chapter said the family is "outraged by the behavior of federal law enforcement officials."

Cahn said officials put a four-year-old "out in the cold" and pulled a teen family member out of a high school class to be interrogated without the opportunity to hire a lawyer.

"I'm sure the teen jerked out of high school was heartbroken," Gutfeld said. "He was probably busy in shop class building a clock."

Gutfeld said Cahn tried to make the attack aftermath "all about the children" but suggested they'd be better served by taking the kids to the Freedom Tower for a tour or the like.

"Terrorism is not the sort of thing we expect from law-abiding humans," he said in response to Cahn's statement that the family "expect[ed]" better treatment by authorities.

Gutfeld said that in most other countries, including the Ullahs' home country of Bangladesh, the families of terror suspects would have been apprehended and removed from the public.

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