'I'm Not Finished!': Sanders Battles CNN's Acosta on False Media Reports

Concha: Source Who Misled News Outlets on WikiLeaks-Trump Jr. Email Should Be Exposed

Ari Fleischer thinks the Trump administration is right to go after the mainstream media when they see inaccurate or dishonest reporting.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders on Monday accused the mainstream media of "purposefully" putting out false information, pointing to recent reports from ABC News and CNN that had to be corrected.

Fleischer, who served as White House press secretary under George W. Bush, said it's understandable that journalists sometimes make mistakes, but it's interesting that those mistakes all too often seem to be anti-President Trump.

“I think the president and his team are right to put the pressure on the press, throw high, inside heat," Fleischer said on "Fox & Friends." "There’s nothing wrong with that, and the press is used to it. They deserve it often."

He added that he doesn't think members of the press are going out of their way to make mistakes, they just can't stand the president and they want anti-Trump information to be true so badly.

"It belies the bigger issue, and that is the press is letting down its professional guard because they don’t like the president. And they are making the mistakes," Fleischer said.

He said that he doesn't use the term "fake news" like Trump does, but he's confident that the press can handle the criticism.

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