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Tucker Carlson discussed racially-themed mailers sent out by the Doug Jones campaign in Alabama's special election.

Jones, a Democrat, faces Judge Roy Moore (R) on Tuesday.

As Carlson described them, the mailers feature "an incredulous-looking black man [with the caption] 'Think if a black man went after high school girls, would anyone try to make him a senator?'"

"Why are these flyers telling black voters [Moore] is a racist?" Carlson asked Alabama attorney and Jones supporter Eric Guster.

"Why not go on the issues."

Guster said he wasn't fond of that particular campaign ad, but that it does bring attention to Moore allegedly "wanting to keep segregationist language in the [state] constitution."

Carlson asked Guster whether mailers to the host's home should be considered convincing if they tried to earn his vote by saying "someone's against white people."

"OK, but where is [the candidate] on tax rates?" Carlson asked, answering the rhetorical question.

"This is about trying to scare people and it doesn't seem like it's necessary," Carlson said.

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