Tuesday is the day, folks. Election Day in Alabama. And yeah, I have some Final Thoughts. 

Let me make this perfectly clear: If Roy Moore did what these women say he did, he doesn’t deserve to represent the people of Alabama. Period.

But here’s the problem. There is ZERO hard evidence. And in this country, we are innocent until proven guilty. 

I wish we could believe every woman who comes forward with an allegation or story. That would make things a whole lot easier. But unfortunately, there are some women who give us reason to doubt. This whole adding notes to the yearbook thing seems pretty calculated to me. 

I still don’t understand: Why would these women come out now? Moore’s run for office before, held several public positions, and we heard not a peep. Why now? Sorry, maybe that’s not the politically correct thing to say, but I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. 

I’m a woman who is sick and tired of women out there who make things up to ruin someone’s life. It’s not okay. Crying rape or assault for revenge or political gain hurts actual victims of rape and assault. Think about it: This one accuser writes in her yearbook entry, and now I’m very suspicious of the whole lot of ‘em. 

We don’t know what to believe anymore. Seems like everyone is either a predator or prey. But here’s what’s amazing to me: We’ve got these Hollywood  Liberals waving their pitchforks against Moore when we now know many of those same self-righteous moral warriors are either perverts themselves, or have sat back and kept their mouths shut while their pals have been making the assault rounds.

Sorry, but let he without sin cast the first stone. 

Oh, and let me make his very clear: If the women of Alabama vote for Roy Moore, it’s because they believe in Roy Moore’s agenda, not because of “internalized misogyny,” or “cognitive patriarchy,” or “self-hate,” or whatever BS explanation bitter feminists want to shove down our throats. Give it a rest.

Republican women can think for ourselves, thank you. We don’t believe we are less than men, or the property of men. We believe in hard work and America First.

So when I think about the election, I don’t think about the he said-she said. I think about the people of Alabama - and the people of the United States of America. 

Alabama has a choice to make, and it’s not an easy one, I know. I don’t know the truth about Roy Moore. But I know the agenda he will advance, and that’s one that puts jobs, tax cuts, national security, border security and Americans first. 

Happy Voting. Those are my Final Thoughts.

From LA, God Bless and Take Care. 

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