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Univision anchor Jorge Ramos said President Donald Trump's strengthened immigration platform is rooted in the idea to "Make America White Again."

Ramos said Trump holds a "nostalgic view" of the United States, when there were fewer people of color.

"It doesn't mean all undocumented immigrants are terrorists as President Trump wants to portray them," he said.

Laura Ingraham asked Ramos whether he should take into account the series of terror attacks - including the most recent at New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal - when considering his criticisms.

Ramos said Trump opposes chain migration because of his aversion to diversity, adding that suspect Akayed Ullah tarnishes the reputation of all of the other participants in chain migration who are not criminals.

"It is unfair that when an immigrant commits a terror attack that we blame all 40 million," he said. 

He asked Ingraham whether she "enjoys being with her family," to make his point about chain migration.

Ingraham said she did, but that she did not think any country should allow people to "pick up their entire genealogical chart" and take it to another land.

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