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Media reporter Joe Concha said on Monday that the source or sources who misled news organizations for a story on Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks should be exposed.

Concha, who writes for The Hill, said the past week has been the worst "in modern times" for the U.S. political media.

He called out a false report by ABC News' Brian Ross on former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn -- which earned Ross a four-week suspension -- and a faulty report on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigators issuing a subpoena for President Trump's bank records.

On Friday, CNN corrected a scoop which initially claimed WikiLeaks provided access to stolen emails to Donald Trump Jr. on Sept. 4, 2016, before they were public. The report was later corrected to say that the email was sent Sept. 14, after the hacked documents were released by WikiLeaks.

The report drew ire from President Trump and his oldest son.

But Concha pointed out that CNN's erroneous report was confirmed by NBC and CBS and argued that the source behind the reports should be made public.

"How did three news organizations get duped on the same exact wrong information? ... Those people or persons need to be exposed now," he said on "Happening Now," arguing that the person or persons have likely done this before and may do it again. 

Over the weekend, President Trump also called out a Washington Post reporter for tweeting an inaccurate photo about the crowd size at his Pensacola rally. Reporter Dave Weigel has since apologized for the error.  

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Judy Miller said reporters are humans and they make mistakes and she applauded news organizations for taking swift action to correct errors.

Miller said despite some mistakes, it is "the best of times for journalism because journalists have been called upon to report on an administration that doesn't want scrutiny."

"I'm willing to take those tweets from Donald Trump," said Miller, adding that it's critical for editors at news organizations to "check the bias" of individual reporters.

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