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Retired Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino said special counsel Robert Mueller appointed "obvious ideologues" to the Trump-Russia probe.

Sean Hannity asked Bongino about recent revelations surrounding FBI Agent Peter Strzok and DOJ official Bruce Ohr.

Strzok was found to have sent anti-Trump, pro-Clinton messages and Ohr allegedly met with people involved in the Trump dossier.

He said there are two possible explanations for what he called a "sham investigation."

"[Either] it was put together entirely incompetently... which I don't believe, [or] this isn't an investigation, this is an attempt to nullify an election."

He described the actions of Strzok, Ohr and attorney Andrew Weissmann, asking, "is this a joke?"

"Where did Mueller go and recruit these people... HillPAC? The Clinton Foundation?" he asked.

Former Obama aide Austan Goolsbee defended Mueller's record, saying that as a lifelong Republican, the former FBI director would not engage in such partisan activity against his own party's president.

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