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Conservative high school students are suing their Minnesota school district for disbanding their organization after they spoke out against a national anthem protest.

Members of the Edina High School Young Conservatives Club claim officials squashed their free speech rights when they banned the club after its members spoke out on social media against fellow students who sat during the playing of the national anthem and “Taps” during a Veterans Day assembly.

Young Conservatives Club members posted a video of the protest on the social media site GroupMe. According to USA Today, several comments subsequently added to the post contained “disparaging and racist remarks” about the protesters.

The school principal determined the posting of the video and the disparaging comments violated the school’s policies, and he demanded that the club be shut down.

The students' lawsuit asks the court to declare the school’s speech policy unconstitutional, and seeks the reinstatement of the club.

The Edina Public Schools District said in a statement that it "respects and adheres to state statute and federal law in regard to the free speech rights of all students and staff and welcomes opportunities for ongoing discourse and respectful debate on topics of importance to our stakeholders.”

On "Fox & Friends Weekend" Sunday morning, the president of the club, Nick Spades, said that the club kicked out any member who made a racist or disparaging remark on social media.

Watch more from Spades and his attorney above.

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