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Corey Lewandowski said the "Make America Great Again Rally" in Pensacola, Florida, Friday night was "vintage Donald Trump."

"This is Donald Trump bypassing the mainstream media - he talked about it last night - and going directly to the American people with his message of hope, growth and opportunity," Lewandowski said on "Fox & Friends Weekend."

He explained that Trump was able to talk about the booming economy and stock market, shrinking unemployment figures and his administration's many other accomplishments without being filtered by the "fake news media."

"This is Donald Trump going to the people and reminding them [of] the success he's had in his first year as the president," he said.

As for attacks on Trump in the press, Lewandowski said many of those in the mainstream media have lost their credibility.

"These outlets want to make the news and not report the news," he said. "And the only thing they understand is the backlash by the American people, who say, 'It's time to get it right or have accountability.'"

Lewandowski noted that both CNN and ABC had to issue corrections on recent reports related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.

He said that helps prove Trump's "fake news narrative," but it doesn't help America.

"They have an obligation to get the story straight," he said. "That's their obligation as journalists and as reporters, and to the American people, because it's not fair to the American people to have to hear directly from our president that the news is wrong again."

Watch the clip above.

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