It’s time for Final Thoughts.

Listen, Liberal whining about the Trump Administration is to be expected but their hypocrisy surrounding the absurdly described “independent” Russian probe is nothing short of ridiculous. Only in Washington D.C. would this sham investigation pass as “independent.” 

The President, yes our President Donald J. Trump, called Washington more of a sewer than a swamp and with the stench of blatant bias and partisanship surrounding the Russia probe worsening by the day, he’s right. Mueller’s team could use a good flush.

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Let’s peel back the layers here. Just last week we discovered Trump derangement syndrome hasn’t just infected late night TV hosts and Hollywood liberals, it’s also spread to none other than the very team tasked with investigating Trump associates.  

Yes, I’m talking about FBI official Peter Strzok, who was finally removed from the investigation after “allegedly” exchanging anti-Trump texts with an FBI lawyer he was romantically ‘involved” with. Oh yeah, they BOTH worked on the Mueller investigation. 

But there’s more. Andrew Weissmann, a prosecutor on Mueller’s team, emailed Sally Yates the day Trump would fire her as acting attorney general for refusing to defend one of his executive orders, writing, “I am so proud.” Yep, Weissmann remains on Mueller’s team. 

Oh and what about FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe? His wife ran for state senate and received campaign contributions from groups associated with Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a Clinton ally.

The Russia probe was littered with sewer rats from the start. First, Jim Comey leaks info the press, all to start an investigation.

Then, his good friend and former close colleague Robert Mueller is chosen to direct it. Convenient.

And who does he select to help? Four top lawyers who also happen to be Obama, Hillary, and DNC donors. One of 'em even did work for the Clinton Foundation!

And don’t forget, some of these Mueller team rats now hell-bent on destroying President Trump are the same ones who helped get Hillary Clinton off the hook. The woman deleted 33,000 emails. Does that sound like something an innocent woman would do? I think not. 

This probe isn’t an investigation, it’s a witch hunt and it’s a witch hunt you - the American taxpayer - are paying for. Yes, that should tick you off. In the first four and a half months alone this farce has cost you almost $7 million. That’s roughly what the Benghazi investigation totaled, in 2 years. And need I remind you: in the Benghazi case, people died! 

It’s rather sad Mueller and his team would go to such great lengths just to satisfy pent up bitterness over an election their precious Hillary couldn’t win. Sad. 

Those are my Final Thoughts. From LA, God bless and take care.

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