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Campus "snowflakes" are at it again, this time going after a black, female gun rights activist who was set to speak at two Massachusetts colleges.

Antonia Okafor's speech was abruptly nixed Wednesday by Hampshire College in Amherst, which deemed it "too controversial."

The college later apologized, claiming the cancellation was due to the "student application" not being completed. Okafor spoke Thursday at all-female Mount Holyoke College, but an "alternative space" was created for some students angered over her speech, "Female Empowerment and the Second Amendment."

"We feel that the most productive use of our anger is to hold an alternative space for ourselves and others who have thoughts/concerns related to these topics," the campus' Climate Justice Coalition stated. "We feel that creating a deliberately separate space for conversation rather than holding a direct act of protest will be a more productive action for us without fueling the messaging of the Right."

Okafor, who runs an organization focused on empowering women through their Second Amendment rights, lamented the decisions on "Fox & Friends" today.

She questioned why those who opposed her viewpoint did not show up in order to make a counter-argument. 

"At least I was able to speak," said Okafor, adding that she wants to promote the First and Second Amendment rights to college students. 

She said in her travels to college campuses, she's observed that left-leaning professors are "keeping students in the dark" about the basic rights of American citizens.

"They're not hearing it from these role models they call celebrities, or people in Hollywood," said Okafor.

Watch the interview above.

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