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Following new revelations about some of the investigators working on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, some are calling for the probe to be shut down or for an investigation into Mueller and the probe to be opened.

Mueller removed top FBI official Peter Strzok from the Russia investigation after he was found to have sent anti-Trump text messages.

Other investigators on the case have histories of large political donations to Democrats.

On Fox Business Network today, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) said there are also questions about if Strzok brought the infamous Trump dossier to a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) court to obtain clearance for surveillance on members of the Trump campaign.

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She said all of this raises questions about Mueller's team, the Russia probe and Mueller himself, and her constituents want those questions answered.

She said many people are concerned that the FBI is being used as a political weapon to target President Donald Trump and his associates, much like the IRS was used to target conservative groups.

"This is not what we're supposed to be doing with the federal government," Blackburn said. "We're to be a nation of laws. We're to abide by the rule of law."

She said this is an opportunity to demand accountability and transparency from the federal government.

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