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Members of the Fordham University College Republicans club were recently asked to leave an on-campus coffee shop because they were wearing "Make America Great Again" hats.

In a video obtained by Campus Reform, an employee at Rodrigue’s Coffee House, which is run by a student club, told the College Republicans they had five minutes to get out because the hats violated the cafe's “safe space policy.”

“I don’t want people like you supporting this club," she says in the video. "No one here wants people like you supporting our club. I am giving you five minutes.”

"You are wearing hats that completely violate our safe space policy,” she continues. “I'm telling you to take it off or you have to go.”

On "The Story," one of the College Republicans who was ordered to leave the cafe, Aaron Spring, spoke out about the incident.

"Part of what she was talking about was that we violated the safe space and that we represented Nazism and fascism, and all this just made-up liberal propaganda, really," Spring said.

Martha MacCallum asked if they went to the coffee shop with the intention of provoking a confrontation.

"No, of course not," Spring said. "We were just a couple friends going to get coffee, having a talk."

He noted that the shop has a sign that says "all are welcome," but he said that apparently does not apply to people who have different thoughts and opinions.

Fordham University released a statement, saying the college has no safe space policy, nor one that excludes any members of the Fordham community from any public spaces on the basis of their political views. The university said it's investigating the incident.

Watch more from "The Story" above, and see more of the coffee shop confrontation below.

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