Trish Regan Rips 'Feminist' Chelsea Handler for Calling Sarah Sanders a 'Harlot'

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Fox Business Network's Trish Regan criticized Chelsea Handler's latest swipe at the Trump White House, as she invoked the president in relation to the southern California wildfires.

As she fled her Los Angeles-area home, the comedienne took a shot at Trump on Wednesday.

Regan said she is puzzled as to how everything in Handler's life appears to relate back to partisan politics.

"If you can't separate your own bias from the reality around you, you're just going to look petty," Regan said, wondering aloud how anyone could blame the president for a natural disaster such as the coastal blaze.

"Why are you doing it?" she asked. "Maybe this is her only way of staying relevant right now."

Handler took a second shot at Trump on Wednesday, tweeting that his "tough on crime," stance is really a plot to "get all the brown people."

Regan also went after Handler for calling White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders a "harlot.

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