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President Donald Trump on Tuesday hosted four small business owners and their families at the White House to discuss the Republican tax bill and how it will help small businesses and the middle class.

One of those small business owners was Brian Steorts, an Army and Air Force veteran whose company Flags of Valor employs combat veterans to handcraft wooden American flags.

He said it was an incredible opportunity to speak with the president and explain that less complexity and lower rates in the tax code will enable small business owners to reinvest in their companies and employees.

"The president was amazing. He was very patient. He came in, he spent about five minutes with us, talked to all of us individually, talked to our families. Very genuine," Steorts said.

He said Trump explained the tax bill and how it will positively impact all different types of small businesses.

Steorts said that if Flags of Valor continues to grow, it won't just help him, his family and his employees, but also the many veteran and first responder charities they raise money for. 

Watch more from "Fox & Friends" above, and check out Flags of Valor.

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