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Trish Regan ripped comedian and self-described feminist Chelsea Handler for her vicious personal attack on Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

On her talk show, former Clinton associate Lanny Davis appeared to criticize Sanders simply on the basis of her politics when Handler made the critique personal.

She interrupted Davis, calling Sanders a "harlot [the Trump administration] is dressing up and trollopping out every day."

"One day she has no makeup on at all - the next day [she has] six-foot-long eyelashes and cleavage and [expletive] lipstick all over her face."

Regan responded to Handler on "The Intelligence Report", saying that she didn't find Handler's riff "one bit funny."

She ripped Handler for calling herself a feminist and then personally attacking women who happen to hold different political views.

She played a clip of Handler defending Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), formerly a fellow comedian, by saying that "anybody who's met him knows that's not true... he's not a predator."

"I'm all for feminism," Regan said, "[But] women should be out there in front of this and not allowing this kind of stuff."

"Shame on you, Chelsea Handler," she said.

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