Netanyahu Thanks Trump for Recognizing Jerusalem: The Jewish People Will Be 'Forever Grateful'

Concha: Press Making 'Reflex to the Negative' Over Bipartisan-Endorsed Trump Jerusalem Move

Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said President Trump exhibited courage in declaring Jerusalem as the American-recognized capital of Israel.

Haley said that the move was symbolic, as the seat of Israeli government is already in the city.

"It's a big day," she said. "[Trump] listened to the will of the American people. He made a symbolic move that we are committed to the peace process."

Haley said that since 1995 when Congress passed a resolution calling for the embassy to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, past presidents have announced plans to do so but haven't taken the extra step.

"We're going to do what the American people have asked us to do," she said. 

Haley said that while dignitaries from the Pope to America's closest ally - Britain - have panned the move, "courage doesn't come by doing what everybody else says."

She said the move is another example of Trump following through on his campaign promises.

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