Sara Carter on Reports of Anti-Trump FBI Agents: Top Level of FBI Is in 'Tatters'

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley said today that more transparency is needed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation

Like the Hillary Clinton email probe, Turley said this investigation is not just another criminal case, and the public must have full confidence in what is going on.

"At some point you have to acknowledge that this is not a normal criminal case, nor was the Clinton investigation and that there is a need for greater transparency," he said.

"Both Republicans and Democrats feel that either the establishment or the Deep State is at work in these investigations. That's very corrosive for a system like ours," Turley said, adding "people of good faith" should agree on the need for full, transparent investigations on both sides.

He said the new reports of the FBI agents on Mueller's case who expressed anti-Trump sentiments "further undermines" the public's view of the investigation. 

Turley then reacted to reports - including from Bloomberg - that Mueller issued a subpoena to Deutsche Bank for records on Trump-related accounts. Trump's legal team, however, denied that a subpoena was issued.

Bloomberg later corrected its report to say that Mueller subpoenaed accounts for "people affiliated" with Trump, not the president or his family's accounts.

"For someone like Donald Trump, a full criminal review of all your past dealings raises significantly your legal vulnerability," Turley said.

He said Mueller would likely argue that if collusion between Trump and Russia was occurring, the "benefit" might be found in Trump's finances.

He added that he's seen no "compelling evidence" so far of any crimes relating to collusion and that he believes Trump has continually made matters worse with some of his tweets and by firing James Comey when he did. 

Watch his full analysis above.

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