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'Stinks to High Heaven': Hannity Sounds Off on FBI Agent Removed From Mueller Probe

Sean Hannity said there is now "smoking gun evidence" that Robert Mueller's special investigation is staffed with left-wing "political crusaders."

Hannity said the folks working for Mueller have the common goal of "destroying" President Donald Trump.

He said their actions threaten a "constitutional crisis" and pointed to recent revelations that one Mueller attorney appeared to celebrate then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates' refusal to back the initial travel ban.

Hannity said Andrew Weissmann applauded Yates' decision, for which she was later relieved of her duty and temporarily replaced by Norfolk-area U.S. Attorney Dana Boente.

Hannity said the Justice Department is also in the process of turning over Peter Strzok's text messages to the House Intelligence Committee.

Strzok, another Mueller associate, was reassigned after anti-Trump and pro-Clinton messages between him and his mistress, who also worked on Mueller's team, came to light over the summer.

"Their conduct is something you would expect in a banana republic, not the United States of America," Hannity said.

Check out his full monologue:

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