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Laura Ingraham proposed President Trump move to rename a federal park in San Francisco in honor of Kate Steinle, who was fatally shot by an illegal immigrant in the city in 2015. 

The Ingraham Angle host sounded off on the recent acquittal of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who had been deported back to Mexico five times before the fatal incident. Zarate, whom city officials failed to hold on an ICE detainer before Steinle's death, was only convicted on a firearms charge. 

Ingraham said Trump should take the immediate action in order to honor 32-year-old Steinle and "shame" the city of San Francisco for its sanctuary city policies.

Ingraham said there are several federal parks in the city, including the San Francisco Maritime National Park, established in 1988.

"Suppose this week President Trump issues a presidential proclamation, renaming that park 'Kate Steinle Park,'" she suggested, asking whether Democrats like Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Jerry Brown and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee would try to block it. 

"It would stand as a stark reminder that all lives matter, even if some politicians and courts seem to care more about the lives of illegal aliens than they do about the lives of lawful citizens and legal immigrants to the United States," she ended.

Ingraham said in addition to the symbolic move, the Senate must move on a House-approved bill to defund sanctuary cities.

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