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Judicial Watch's Fitton: Trump-Russia, Clinton Email Investigations 'Irredeemably Compromised'

Judge Andrew Napolitano downplayed the concerns over FBI Agent Peter Strzok's politically-charged text messages in the midst of the Clinton email and Trump-Russia probes.

Strzok, it was reported this week, was reassigned within the bureau over the summer to a much lower-profile position, but some have argued his previous participation in the investigation taints the probe.  

Napolitano said that the content of the text messages sent by Strzok "should not matter."

"The FBI agents don't have to be clothed with absolute perfection in order to do their jobs," he added.

Napolitano said that no agent is immune from personal political thoughts, like any other American citizen, and it's only a problem if those political views "so color what you're doing that you're not doing the right job."

"So this is not a thing?" Shepard Smith asked.

"I don't think it is," the judge answered, saying any case will come down to the actual evidence Mueller possesses when it comes to the Trump campaign and Russia.

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