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Napolitano on Peter Strzok Controversy: FBI Agents Have Political Views Like Anyone Else

Greg Gutfeld discussed the FBI official who was reassigned from the Mueller investigation after sending politically-charged texts to his mistress.

Gutfeld said Peter Strzok showed evidence of "bias and stupidity" when it was revealed he sent the messages critical of President Trump and supportive of Hillary Clinton to a woman who also worked for the bureau.

He said Strzok not only interviewed Gen. Michael Flynn [Ret.], who later pleaded to a charge of lying to the FBI, but also Clinton confidantes Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin.

"If Flynn's lies warrant a charge, why don't Huma's and Cheryl's?" he asked.

Gutfeld said Strzok changed a "vital phrase" in former FBI Director James Comey's statement exonerating Clinton of wrongdoing in the email scandal.

Strzok suggested the term "grossly negligent" be changed to "extremely careless."

"This small change reduced Hillary's actions from criminal to merely incompetent," he said.

Gutfeld also riffed on MSNBC pundits Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, after Brzezinski claimed associates of President Trump are in danger of being imprisoned "for the rest of their lives."

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