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Martha MacCallum debated former DNC official Zac Petkanas on the merits of Robert Mueller's special investigation into President Trump and alleged Russian collusion.

The debate also touched on the comparison between the probe into Hillary Clinton's emails and the current matter at hand.

"It's clear they wanted to protect her and it's clear that they wanted to fry people in [Trump's] administration," she said.

Petkanas responded that he understood the Trumpian "strategy" of "beating up on Hillary Clinton" in order to question the legitimacy of the other investigation.

He said Mueller is "throwing down indictments" and eliciting guilty pleas.

MacCallum responded that there is no confirmation of future indictments and that Gen. Michael Flynn's [Ret.] guilty plea was not related to any collusion.

Flynn entered a plea regarding lying to federal authorities.

"I'm just dealing in what we actually know," MacCallum said.

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