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Author Mark Steyn said the fact that several lower courts have blocked several iterations of President Trump's travel ban is an "insane situation."

Tucker Carlson said that, most recently, the Supreme Court granted a stay to the latest block by California Judge William Orrick III.

Only Justices Sotomayor and Ginsburg voted against the stay.

Steyn said the ongoing events are an example of the "permanent bureaucracy and the courts ganging up to cripple the executive branch."

"What an insane situation we're in," he said, adding that, by law, Trump has the authority to "ban by proclamation" any group he deems dangerous to any aspect of the nation.

Steyn, a Canadian native, joked that Trump could ban him personally because of the fact he is an immigrant to New Hampshire from Canada.

"He could ban all Canadians by proclamation," he said.

Tucker Carlson said that "democracy is withering" because the parts of the government with the most accountability to voters - through elections - appear to have the least power, while unelected judges and bureaucrats have the most power.

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