Dershowitz Doesn't See Obstruction of Justice Case Against Trump

Hurt: Mueller's Attempts to Incriminate Trump 'Like Lucy With the Football'

Special Counsel Robert Mueller removed an FBI Russian counterintelligence expert from his team after an internal probe found he exchanged texts with a colleague that could be interpreted as showing political bias against President Donald Trump and for Hillary Clinton.

Fox News confirmed that the Justice Department's Office of Inspector General is reviewing the role played by Peter Strzok in a number of politically sensitive cases, including the Clinton email investigation.

President Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday that Strzok is "tainted," declaring that the FBI's "reputation is in tatters."

On "Fox & Friends," Kellyanne Conway said it's "disturbing and troubling" that an expert at the heart of the Clinton probe was "decidedly, definitively anti-Trump."

"We know that she lied numerous times, we know that she 'BleachBit-ed' and deleted 33,000 emails, we know that a majority of Americans in all polling say that she was neither honest nor trustworthy," Conway said. "You do hear people constantly asking, 'When will she be held to account?'"

"This is what frustrates people," Conway continued. "It’s very frustrating to many law-abiding Americans who look up and always see a double standard, always see special exceptions for Hillary Clinton."

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