Bongino: GOP 'Damn Well Better' Finish Tax Reform 'Or This Party's Toast'

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Democratic Sen. Jon Tester (Mt.) tore into the Republicans' tax reform bill, declaring in a viral video that his GOP colleagues were set to pass a bill which lawmakers could not possibly read in time. 

Tester held up the 479-page document, specifically pointing out handwritten notes in the page margins which indicated language to be added later. 

He said he had received the bill 25 minutes before and was expected to vote on it just hours later. The bill passed the Senate on Saturday morning around 2:00am ET by a 51-49 margin. 

"Take a look at this, folks, this is your government at work," Tester said, pointing out some portions of writing which were not easily readable. 

"We're doing massive tax reform on an absolute incredible timeline. This is gonna affect everybody in this country. It's gonna shift money from middle-class families to the rich," he said. 

His concerns were echoed by other Democrats, including Senators Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), Dianne Feinstein (Calif.) and Dick Durbin (Ill.)

Warren also posted to YouTube her attempts to read some of the "chicken scratch" edits placed in the margins. She blasted the bill as a "payoff to the big Republican donors."

The House is expected to vote Monday night before Senate and House lawmakers go into conference on a final piece of legislation to send to President Trump's desk.

Watch the "Outnumbered" discussion above and share your thoughts on the bill.

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