Judge Jeanine: Steinle Family Found Out Kate's Life 'Worth Nothing on Political Market'

Pam Bondi: Federal Charges Mean 'We're Going to See Some Justice' for Steinle Family

CORRECTION:  Based on a report from "Fox & Friends," a previous version of this article stated that MSNBC spent zero minutes reporting on the Steinle verdict on Friday and Saturday. "Fox & Friends" has since issued the following statement on Twitter: 

"On Sunday we said MSNBC did not cover the Steinle verdict on Friday or Saturday at all. We were wrong. In that 48 hour span, they covered it a total of 2 minutes and 15 seconds."

While most networks offered mixed coverage to the trial of an illegal immigrant accused of killing Kate Steinle, one network spent two minutes and 15 seconds covering the verdict.

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was found guilty on a weapons charge, but acquitted of more serious manslaughter and murder charges.

Hegseth said CNN moderately covered the verdict, but dropped coverage in favor of reporting that Gen. Michael Flynn [Ret.] pleaded guilty to lying to federal authorities when that story broke.

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