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Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed the not guilty verdict delivered Thursday in the murder of Kate Steinle, who was shot and killed by Jose Ines Garcia Zarate on Pier 14 in San Francisco in 2015 in a case that sparked furious debate over illegal immigration and so-called sanctuary cities.

"How much is your child's life worth on the open market? How about the open political market? Kate Steinle's family found out this week in San Francisco - Nothing - absolutely nothing," Pirro said.

Pirro recalled how Steinle was shot and died in her father's arms, crying for his help.

"Zarate, not God, decided when she would die," Pirro said.

Pirro criticized the court for not allowing Zarate's criminal record or his status as an illegal alien to be presented during the trial.

She called the fact that Zarate, also known as Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, was also cleared of the lesser charge of manslaughter "a moral outrage [and] legal outrage."

"This was not a verdict based on truth, justice and facts, but [instead] on leftist rejection of the law and order."

Of sanctuary cities like San Francisco, Pirro said, "the only sanctuary is for criminal illegals."

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