'That's Exactly What She Did': Lahren Dismisses Warren's Claim Trump 'Exploited' Native Americans

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Greg Gutfeld reacted to the media's outrage at President Trump for calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) "Pocahontas."

Gutfeld said many critics had it wrong, in that Trump was not besmirching Native Americans, but instead calling attention to Warren's own disputed claim of Cherokee heritage.

"According to cable news, it was the worst political moment in history," he said.

He played video of MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews asking Warren if it showed that Trump is "afraid" of her.

CNN's Don Lemon claimed "everyone in that room [with the Navajo code talkers] knew it was a racial slur."

"Bad Timing? True. But racist? No," Gutfeld said.

He said the comment was no different than if someone commented to MSNBC host and former GOP Florida Rep. Joe Scarborough, "nice tune, Hendrix," after Scarborough ostensibly played a song from his new album.

The comment would've been a criticism of Scarborough's own musical skill, not one toward the late Jimi Hendrix, Gutfeld said.

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