Hannity: 'It Was San Francisco's Sanctuary City Policies That Killed Kate Steinle'

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Laura Wilkerson, whose son was murdered by an illegal immigrant in 2010, expressed outrage over the acquittal of the illegal immigrant who fired the gun that killed Kate Steinle in 2015 in San Francisco.

Wilkerson said she was "sickened" by the verdict, calling it a "mockery of the justice system."

The man who murdered Josh Wilkerson, Hermilo Moralez, was found guilty in 2013 in Texas and sentenced to life in prison. 

Wilkerson said the jury should have heard the evidence that Jose Ines Garcia Zarate had been deported five times before Steinle's death and committed seven previous felonies.

Zarate admitted that he picked up a previously-stolen gun, but maintained that the shooting was accidental.

Wilkerson said Steinle would be alive if San Francisco authorities honored the ICE detainer and kept Zarate in custody instead of letting him go. 

Federal officials have said Zarate will now be deported, but Wilkerson questioned how effective that will be.

"He'll be right back. It's ridiculous. It doesn't seem to be too hard for him to do it five times," she said.

Wilkerson said she wants to see the border wall built immediately and funding for sanctuary cities cut off today. 

"How many more American citizens have to die? There will be some today whether you hear about them or not. It's absurd and my heart is just broken," she said. 

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