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Sarah Sanders Sarah Sanders might soon have a treat for the White House Press Corps.

The White House press secretary said on Wednesday she's planning to bake pies for some reporters after her Thanksgiving Day tweet generated a mini-controversy.

"Being from the South, one of the most offensive things you can accuse somebody of is [serving] a store-bought pie," she said.

"I absolutely made the pie and I have since purchased the ingredients to make many more and I'll be making sure I get those to some of my friends in the White House briefing room,” she added.

The #PieGate "controversy" started when Sanders tweeted a photo of an impeccable chocolate pecan pie...

April Ryan, American Urban Radio Networks Washington bureau chief, responded by implying that Sanders’ pie photo could have been ripped from the Internet and was not actually homemade.

Sanders' father, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, said this week that the incident showed how "ridiculous" the news coverage of the Trump White House has become.

"I hope Sarah bakes a pie and serves it to the press corps," he said.

There might even be a Sanders-baked pie coming to "Fox & Friends," the hosts suggested this morning.

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