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Tucker Carlson reported that Canadian teachers in one part of Ontario are being forced to attend a "LGGBDTTTIQQAAP" training session.

Carlson said the "tolerance police" appear to have more power north of the border than in the U.S.

Teachers in Durham, Ontario had to attend the training, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave a public apology on behalf of the state for anti-gay discrimination.

Former Canadian Liberal Party President Stephen LeDrew said no one generally goes by "LGGBDTTTIQQAAP" but instead simply "LGBTQ."

Carlson questioned why teachers must attend a training for a "community" that no one can apparently define - referring to the dozen or so identifiers in the subject acronym.

"If someone feels that they are a better person [by identifying with one of the minorities in the acronym], or more included in society... that's what Canada is about," LeDrew said.

Carlson said the exercise showed that people are normally "mindlessly go[ing] along. We're all bullied if we say we don't know what that is."

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