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Tomi Lahren slammed the mainstream media for its coverage of women in the Trump White House, such as First Lady Melania Trump, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and counselor Kellyanne Conway.

This comes after a Vanity Fair piece claimed Mrs. Trump never wanted to be first lady and Sanders was forced to defend a photo of her Thanksgiving pecan pie that she shared on Twitter.

On "Fox & Friends" this morning, Lahren said there's no explanation for the hostility other than that they are conservative women.

"They go after Melania for everything, they go after Sarah Huckabee Sanders for everything, they go after Kellyanne Conway and Ivanka Trump for everything," Lahren said. "If any of these women were on the left or campaigned for Hillary Clinton, they would be on the cover of every magazine in this country and around the world. They would be lauded as feminist icons."

She said conservative women are instead "attacked and ridiculed" about everything from their homemade pies to their wardrobes to their footwear.

"It’s sick," Lahren declared. "This is the hypocritical left showing its true colors."

She said the left claims to support female empowerment, but they are selective in which women they empower.

"If you're on the right, if you're a conservative, if you're even an independent, you don't get the same treatment," Lahren said. "They don't like us. They're going to attack us for every little thing."

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