Howard Kurtz said this morning that the firing of Matt Lauer by NBC News was a "preemptive move" ahead of expected reports on the "Today" show host's alleged misconduct by the New York Times and other outlets.

Kurtz said NBC News is attempting to "control the narrative" and "take the first step" rather than have to react to a bombshell news report about one of its most high-profile anchors.

So far, no details have emerged on what Lauer is alleged to have done and Lauer has not made a statement.

Reaction: Matt Lauer Fired by NBC for 'Inappropriate Sexual Behavior'

NBC News announced the surprising news this morning, saying Lauer was terminated for "inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace."

Kurtz said after Charlie Rose's firing last week by CBS News, two out of the three network morning show anchors have been ousted due to sexual misconduct claims.

He said it's "hard to overstate" the importance of Lauer, who has been "the face" of the network on the "Today" show each morning and hosted other big events like the Olympics and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Kurtz recalled that when Hillary Clinton spoke famously of a "vast right-wing conspiracy," it was done in a 1998 "Today" show interview with Lauer, who at that time co-anchored the show with Katie Couric.

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