'Pocahontas' Controversy: New England Native American Leader Calls Warren's Claims 'Insult'

Gorka on Pocahontas 'Slur': Sen. Warren 'Abused Native Heritage When She Lied About It'

Boston radio host Howie Carr said his state's senior senator lifted a French chef's recipe and submitted it as an authentic Cherokee recipe for a Native American-themed cookbook.

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump again dubbed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) "Pocahontas" - a riff on her claim to be of Cherokee ancestry.

Tucker Carlson asked Carr about the 1984 book, Pow Wow Chow, to which Warren submitted two recipes featuring shellfish.

"When she isn't stealing a Cherokee identity, Warren is also stealing recipes," Tucker Carlson said.

Carr said Warren claimed that the recipes had been passed down for generations in her Cherokee family.

But, he said that the recipes actually came from a former ritzy New York City restaurant owned by late French chef Pierre Franey.

Franey said the dishes were a favorite of the late King Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor, as well as American composer Cole Porter.

Carr added that writer Mark Steyn once joked that Porter would have of course enjoyed the dish, adopted by Warren, because of his tune "I've Got [Sioux] Under My Skin."

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