'You Don't Give Animals Due Process': Benghazi Hero Furious Suspect Was Cleared of Murder Charges

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Former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) criticized the verdict against Benghazi conspirator Ahmed Abu Khatallah, who was found guilty on several counts but not the major count of murder.

Khatallah was found guilty of several charges, including providing material support to terrorists.

"I think real justice in this would be a bullet in the back of the head, frankly," Chaffetz said of the Libyan militant.

He said he called Charles Woods, father of victim Tyrone Woods, and apologized on behalf of the United States.

"I think their country has let them down," he said

Chaffetz said part of the reason for the trouble in convicting Khatallah of more serious charges was the fact the FBI wasn't allowed into Benghazi for 18 days after Susan Rice claimed the attack was predicated on a controversial film.

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