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Tucker Carlson said in his opening monologue that anonymous allegations of sexual misconduct always lead to abuses, describing his own experience with a false allegation of sexual assault.

"Not everyone accused of a sex offense is guilty. Not every accuser is telling the truth. I learned this the hard way," he said.

Carlson recalled that a woman he had never met accused him and included specific, "stomach-turning" details, and yet "none of it was true."

He said he spent two months fighting the claims, paying a "fortune" to lawyers, undergoing a polygraph test and living in fear that the false charge would become public.

"I couldn't tell my employer because I knew I'd be fired immediately," said Carlson, explaining that people accused of committing a sex offense are always presumed to have done something wrong.

"This isn't a defense of sexual harassment or misbehavior, obviously. It's just a reminder that real life is complicated, more complicated than sermonizing on Twitter. Sometimes the mob is wrong, sometimes the innocent are crushed," he said. 

Carlson compared the allegations against Harvey Weinstein to the recent "sexting" scandal involving Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas).

Barton, a grandfather who sent a lewd photo to a woman he was seeing while going through a divorce, was embarrassed when the pictures surfaced in the media earlier this month.

Carlson said nobody is accusing Barton of sexual abuse, but that "many media outlets treated Barton like the heir to Harvey Weinstein."

"If anything, it is Barton's former girlfriend that could be guilty of a crime," he said, referring to so-called "revenge pornography."

"If you're going to name the accused, you ought to name the accuser," he said. "News organizations are not courts."

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