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Greg Gutfeld reacted to ex-MSNBC host Keith Olbermann announced his retirement from "media commentary in all venues" effective this week.

In the time since President Trump was elected, Olbermann hosted a periodic video segment for GQ called "The Resistance," which largely consisted of stinging criticisms of the president.

"He came, he screamed, he soiled his diapers, then he left," Gutfeld said. "Keith Olbermann says goodbye."

He said Olbermann is "more roadkill from the Trump reign."

"Trump isn't breaking them, they're breaking themselves," he said.

Gutfeld said Olbermann is the latest in a line of progressive liberals who have turned from being funny all the time to being consistently angry.

"Trump's having fun, and they're not," he said, adding that the former "Countdown" host is another person who has been "forced into retirement by their own bitterness."

Jesse Watters joked that he didn't know Olbermann could "retire from screaming in the basement."

Olbermann has called Trump "a pig" and repeatedly hypothesized about a presidential resignation or impeachment, and once advised President Bush to "shut the hell up" during a monologue on the war on terror.

Prior to political commentary, Olbermann was a sportscaster at ESPN.

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