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Sebastian Gorka reacted to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) accusing President Trump of using a racial slur during a ceremony honoring Navajo Code Talkers.

Warren said Trump committed the offense when he referred to her in absentia as "Pocahontas" - a reference to the famous daughter of a 17th Century Powhatan chief.

"There is a protected class in this country - the elite of the left," he said.

Gorka said Warren was awarded a cushy job at Harvard University, "using cultural appropriation - using Native American heritage to get that job."

He said the "left couldn't prove" that she was telling the truth about her ancestry.

Sean Hannity said many on the left attacked Trump for the statement, noting that he was in the company of the heroic Code Talkers.

"The use of minority status when it's not accurate seems to be a far bigger offense than the left will never talk about," he said.

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