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An op-ed on Salon.com makes the case for why Hillary Clinton should run for president again in 2020.

Writer Matthew Rozsa pointed to a recent tweet from President Donald Trump that said Clinton is good for the Republican Party and encouraged her to "give it another try."

"Are you sick of Republicans? Or just right-wingers in general? Do you want to send a message to Washington that you aren't going to buy into their racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic and classist nonsense for one second longer?" Rozsa wrote.

"Then do the very thing that Donald Trump unintentionally encouraged in a recent tweet: Encourage Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2020!"

Rozsa argued that Clinton deserves to be the presumptive Democratic nominee in 2020 because she defeated Trump in the popular vote in 2016.

"Her stock may be low now, but it's been low in the past (such as when she 'ran' to be first lady in 1992), and it has always recovered. Arguably the big political question facing a potential Hillary 2020 campaign will be whether that bounce occurs at a fortuitous moment for her. It very well could, and wouldn't that be a giant helping of the dish best served cold?" he concluded.

On "Fox & Friends," Democratic strategist Robin Biro said Clinton should remove herself from the "political equation," and focus on behind-the-scenes work like fundraising and advising candidates.

"She has pledged to bring the message to future candidates to show the mistakes that she made so that they don't make the same mistakes going forward," Biro said. "I respect that, I think that's a good decision, but I think politically she's done."

Tezlyn Figaro, former National Justice Director for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, noted that Clinton and the Democratic National Committee rigged the election against her candidate, only to lose in the general election.

"I hope to not see more of the same next time around in 2020," Figaro said. "Let's actually have people come from the grassroots to run for president and see how that works out."

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