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Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-Ark.) responded to the mini-controversy involving his daughter, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

Sanders tweeted a photo of a chocolate pecan pie, wording her caption as if she baked it herself.

She later confirmed she baked the pie personally.

But, American Urban Radio Networks correspondent April Ryan later tweeted that Sanders should "show [the pie] to us on a table," - appearing to ask Sanders to prove it was not an internet photo.


Huckabee said he will be enjoying "that very pie" at Christmas when Sanders and her family visit him and his wife, Janet.

"Don't ever -- don't ever mess with a Southern woman and her homemade pies," Huckabee chuckled.

He said the incident showed how "ridiculous" the news coverage of the Trump White House has become.

"I hope Sarah bakes a pie and serves it to the press corps," he said, adding that the incident deserves an utterance of the Southern statement, "bless your heart."

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