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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Sunday refused to criticize Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), who has been accused of sexually harassing members of his congressional staff.

On NBC’s "Meet the Press," Pelosi called Conyers an "icon" and said he's done a great deal to protect women, such as supporting the Violence Against Women Act.

She said both Conyers and his accusers are entitled to due process, and the House Ethics Committee will investigate the claims.

On "America's Newsroom," Katie Pavlich called out Pelosi for giving Conyers somewhat of a pass.

"Nancy Pelosi's qualification or justification of John Conyer's behavior simply because he's done some good things for women in the past is part of her pattern of behavior," Pavlich said.

She pointed out that Pelosi didn't call on former colleague Bob Filner to step down as San Diego mayor until multiple allegations of sexual harassment against him became public knowledge.

"This idea that Nancy Pelosi is this champion for women, a feminist who should be looked up to, someone who actually believes women should be believed when they come forward with these allegations actually gave John Conyers somewhat of a pass," Pavlich said.

Mary Anne Marsh argued it was Pelosi who got Conyers to step down from his post as the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee.

She said Conyers is being held accountable with the Ethics Committee probe, and he should be held accountable for a taxpayer-funded settlement with one accuser who said she was fired for rejecting his advances.

Pavlich agreed that the existence of a congressional sexual harassment settlement fund is one of the most disturbing details to emerge from the allegations against Conyers.

"The idea that American taxpayers have sent out $17 million of their hard-earned money so that congressmen can engage in sexual harassment or other kinds of discrimination against staffers is absolutely insane and just a perfect depiction of Washington, D.C., and the problems most Americans have with it," she said.

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