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On "Outnumbered Overtime" today, Harris Faulkner spoke with Melanie Sloan, one of the women who has accused Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) of inappropriate behavior.

Conyers stepped down as ranking member of House Judiciary Committee amid a congressional investigation into sexual harassment and workplace abuse allegations by his former staffers.

Conyers denied the allegations and said he would cooperate with a House Ethics Committee investigation.

Sloan, the first former Conyers staffer to speak on the record, said the 88-year-old congressman routinely berated her and on one occasion summoned her to his office where she found him "walking around in his underwear."

She said she spoke out at the time, alerting her supervisor, a top staffer to then-House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt (D-Mo.) and an employee at a "major women's group."

"I even talked to a reporter, but then that reporter went back and talked to another staff member for Conyers at the time, tried to corroborate some of what I said, and that staff member, a woman, told him that I was mentally unstable," Sloan said.

She said it was all "pretty disheartening," so she decided to leave Conyers' staff.

Sloan said she's glad that the Ethics Committee is investigating Conyers, but is skeptical of the committee's effectiveness in general.

"It's often just a black hole where allegations go to die and we never hear about them again," Sloan said.

As for calls for Conyers to step down from his seat, she said she's on the fence.

"I definitely think there needs to be a process by which members of Congress are held accountable for their conduct, though."

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