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Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed Congress' sexual harassment settlement fund, which used taxpayer dollars to pay for elected officials' deviations.

"The predators aren't just political, they're sleazy sexual perverts," the judge said on "Justice" Sunday.

Pirro suggested any congressman who used the fund get his pay docked and give the money back to taxpayers.

"Who decided we would pay for their sexual perversions?" she asked.

The judge in particular called out female congresswomen who may have known about the settlement fund.

"Shame on the women in Congress who've sat quietly for 20 years."

Also, any cover-ups of payments to victims should be criminally investigated, and any congressman who has created a hostile work environment must resign, the judge said.

"It is time we the people demand the justice and the accountability that these fools have been preaching to us for years," she stated.

"Every one of these cases needs to see the light of day."

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