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One teenager is not letting the memories of fallen police officers be forgotten.

Megan O'Grady started Blue Line Bears, which makes teddy bears using the uniforms of cops who died in the line of duty and gives them to their families.

"It's like a physical way to hold the parent again," O'Grady told "Fox & Friends Weekend" Sunday.

The uniform buttons become the eyes and the nose, and the badges and hash marks get sewn on as well.

The 15-year-old, whose father is a police sergeant, said she got the idea to make teddy bears after five police officers were shot and killed in Dallas in July 2016.

"It hit close to home for me," she remembered.

Some people "don't see the heart behind the badge," her father added.

"We swore an oath ... like them or not we will protect them."

Blue Line Bears accepts donations on Facebook and their website to support the cost of O'Grady's work.

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