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Corey Lewandowski warned GOP congressmen that the 2018 elections hang in the balance if they fail to pass tax reform.

"I think it's going to be very difficult if they don't get this bill done for those Republicans to go back to their districts in the election year next year and say, 'Look what we've accomplished,' 'cause they really haven't accomplished anything," the former Trump campaign manager said on Saturday.

"What the president has been able to do through executive orders and through deregulation is to get the economy moving again," he said.

The stock market reached another all-time high this week, and unemployment numbers are the lowest in 17 years.

There will be accountability at the ballot box if Republicans waste their "very short window" of less than two weeks to deal with tax cuts, Lewandowski said.

President Trump will meet on Tuesday to talk tax cuts with the four top congressmen, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Chuck Schumer, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

Lewandowski predicted the president will push Congress to cut business taxes.

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