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The mother of a football star detained in a Chinese prison since September, 2016 is now pleading for President Trump's help to bring her son home.

Ball State University linebacker Wendell Brown, 30, lived in China for a year before attending a party where he declined to have drinks with some locals, who threw bottles at him. He was the only one arrested and jailed.

Brown had gone to China to teach English and coach, his mother Antoinette Brown told "Fox & Friends" on Friday.

The Chinese state is attempting to charge Brown with "intentional injury" in a lengthy process despite two lawyers whom his mother said proved his innocence. The family is still waiting for the judge's decision.

"I would humbly ask for [President Trump] to help my son who's in an unfortunate situation, and I would be truly grateful and most definitely would thank him with no problem," Mrs. Brown said.

"It's just really heartbreaking and sad for the family that he's not with us to celebrate like usual."

The court originally said $100,000 would free Brown, but have since rescinded the offer. Once a month, the U.S. consulate meets with Brown and takes messages back and forth between him and his family. 

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