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President Trump criticized a player from his hometown New York Giants who knelt while a U.S. Army Master Sergeant sang the national anthem on Thanksgiving.

"Can you believe that the disrespect for our Country, our Flag, our Anthem continues without penalty to the players," Trump tweeted Friday, after defensive back Olivier Vernon took a knee at FedEx Field in Maryland late Thursday.

Appearing to refer to Vernon, Trump said it appears the "players are the boss" while NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has "lost control of the hemorrhaging league."

Vernon, 27, was the only player during Big Blue's game against the Washington Redskins to protest during the "Star-Spangled Banner." 

He told Newsday that he would resume standing for the anthem in the future "if people can understand what the whole message is behind [taking a knee]."

Vernon said a lot of people don't appreciate the true message behind his silent protest, "which is basically social injustice on African-Americans, and police brutality."

Fans also had mixed reactions on Twitter:

In September, Giants co-owner John Mara said he wants his players to stand for the anthem, but is in full support of any player who kneels, according to comments defensive player Jonathan Casillas gave to NJ.com.

After Trump's initial charged remarks about the kneelers at a rally, Coach Ben McAdoo said the Giants "practice empathy here."

"[We're] sticking together as a football team... I'm not sure how much the president can empathize with our players and the way [some] grew up," he said during a televised press conference.

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